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67-344 Assignments

Fall 2017

Assignment Due Date Instructions  
Saving newspapers September 07 Much has been made recently over the plight of newspapers across the country by journalists and those close to them. However, Americans on the whole seem to care little about newspapers' problems. What is the real problem here? Can newspapers be saved? If so, give a solution you think will help and explain why. If not, explain why there is no hope for newspapers in the information era. Take a clear position, justify it, and be concise as you only have one page to express your thoughts. Printed version due in class on Thursday, September 7th. Be sure to use the template.
Medium of exchange September 14 To build a market for information, we need a medium of exchange. Money is an obvious choice and can be used in exchange for information. Apart from money, what would be another effective medium of exchange for information markets? How would such exchanges work? Under what conditions would this medium be preferred to money? (If no such conditions exist, explain why.)
Is the Internet Making Us Dumber? September 21 Read the article posted on the course site by Nicolas Carr entitled "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" and evaluate his argument. Do you agree with him? If so, how do we solve this problem? If not, in what ways is he wrong? Do NOT do outside research or reading -- we are interested in your thoughts on this matter.
Culture and Information Management October 05 In class we discussed four different types of organizational culture. Each culture faces challenges managing in the information age, but which of the four faces the greatest challenge? Which has the easiest time managing in the information age?
Information Politics October 26 In the reading and in class we discussed the differences between information feudalism and federalism. If you had an organization that was engaged in information feudalism and wanted to move it to a model of information federalism, what would be the most effective means of doing so? Limit your answer to no more than three items as it is a one-page paper.
BPM of Course Registration November 16 An in-class exercise to create a business process model of the online registration process.
What is Information Systems? December 07 For your final thought paper, explain what the discipline of information systems is, based on what you have learned in this and other Information Systems courses. We are going for a very concise answer here so your response cannot exceed six sentences. You may use bullet points if helpful.