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67-344: Organizational Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon University
Fall 2017 - Professor Heimann

Profh teaching

Across all organizations people find that the actions they take affect, and are affected by, the technology, norms, procedures, culture, and members of the organization. In order to navigate through this organizational world, agents need a better understanding of social and organizational intelligence. How do organizations (and the people who populate them) acquire and then process information? In what ways have new technologies affected the norms, procedures, and culture of organizations? How do leaders successfully guide their organizations through a world where new information and new technologies are constantly being produced? This course is about information assessment and analysis in organizations, and the way organizations are transformed by technology.

Links at the top and bottom of the page should direct students to relevant course materials (schedule, course and program policies, and project assignments) that are being used for the Fall 2017 semester in Pittsburgh. The general policies link are for those adopted by the IS Program; all will be adhered to in this course. Information on this site is only relevant for the Fall 2017 semester only.